What is Cachet?

The open source status page system. Cachet is an open source status page system written in PHP, using the Laravel framework.

Beautifully crafted

Cachet has been carefully crafted, not only in design, but code too. Using Bootstrap 3, Cachet is responsive, working beautifully on your desktop, tablet and phone.


Don’t speak English? No problem, Cachet supports over ten languages right off the bat, with translations constantly improving.


Sometimes it’s just not possible to manually update your status page with incidents and component status changes, we totally get that. It’s why Cachet is bundled with a simple, but powerful, JSON API.

Scheduled maintenance

It can’t be avoided, sometimes you just need to perform maintenance. With Cachet, you can schedule events ahead of time. Once the maintenance time has passed, the incident drops into the timeline for posterity.


Within the dashboard you’re able to setup metrics – a way to measure something, whether it’s uptime, error rates or something completely random like Cups of coffee drank today. Using the API you can send a point to the metric.

Two-factor authentication

Need some extra security on your account? No problem, you can lock your account with Two-factor authentication. Compatible with the Google Authenticator app.