What is Clearbit?

Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs. Retrieve social data from emails and look up company information from domains.

Data to power your entire business

Clearbit is the marketing data engine for all of your customer interactions. Deeply understand your customers, identify future prospects, and personalize every single marketing and sales interaction.

Plug and play

Get the right data directly into the tools you already use. We built Clearbit from the ground up to integrate right into your existing Stack, providing uniform, seamless data across your sales, marketing, and analytics teams.

Understand your customers

See the full picture from the get-go, so you’re prepared to reach the right people, make great first impressions, and nurture relationships throughout their lifecycle.

And turn data into demand

The right data makes for a smarter—and more profitable—business. Clearbit helps you know who to target, who is visiting your website, and how to personalize campaigns while predicting churn before it happens.

Best in class data quality and coverage

Clearbit isn’t just another data vendor, we take an entirely different approach when it comes to data quality and coverage.

Rather than maintain a static database that quickly becomes stale, we perform real-time lookups to ensure our data is never older than 30 days. Machine learning and manual QA keep every record as accurate as possible.

Data for your entire customer lifecycle

From attracting ideal customers with perfectly targeted outreach to being alerted to churn risks before they happen, our suite of tools and APIs provide the intelligence you need at every step of the funnel.

Each one of our products builds on the others creating an eco-system that is unique in the marketplace, and giving customers that use our data across their entire funnel, a platform that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Clean, modern technology

Clearbit is, at its core, a technology company. Our systems look across the web, sorting through millions of data-points in real-time to pull back actionable intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, legal filing, and many more. In addition, our network of over 150,000 community members and API partners help provide and validate our data.