Service Networking Across Any Cloud

Automate network configurations, discover services, and enable secure connectivity across any cloud or runtime.

Integrate and Extend With Kubernetes

Quickly Deploy Consul on Kubernetes leveraging Helm. Automatically inject sidecars for Kubernetes resources. Federate multiple clusters into a single service mesh.

Service Mesh Across Any Runtime

Deploy service mesh within any runtime or infrastructure – Bare Metal, Virtual Machines, and Kubernetes clusters, across any cloud.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Resolve discovered services through integrated DNS. Automate 3rd party load balancers (F5, Nginx, HAProxy). Eliminate manual configuration of network devices.

Secure, Multi-Cloud Service Networking

Secure services running in any environment leveraging intention based policies and automatic mTLS encryption between service mesh resources

Service Discovery with Health Checking

Consul enables detecting the deployment of new services, changes to existing ones, and provides real time agent health to reduce downtime.

Robust Ecosystem

Consul offers support for and integrations with many popular DevOps and Networking tools.