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About a customer

The company serves about 400 customers including both small companies and largest global brands, 13 of which are on the Global Fortune 500 list. Implant offices had opened on the territory of the 2 largest customers. The Confidence Group company is a full member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, the Russian-Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Russia as well as an official partner of the Russia Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The company’s work is based on clear and transparent business processes in full compliance with the Russian legislation and international quality standards.


It was necessary to complete the corporate website development project in a short time by running the choice of service and paperwork functionality. It was also required to complete the news section of the website including the binding, to finalize a frontend and information part as well as to develop an adaptive web design based on an existing design.

разработка корпоративного портала


We have got this project after several other companies working with it have failed to reach an outcome. The challenge we face was much more complicated than the task that a first developer solved. The planning was already completed, the frontend was ready and most importantly the Bitrix was chosen as a platform on which a computational part and information exchange with the frontend was already developed.

The customer independently developed the concept and design of the website we just helped to adapt to it.

разработка корпоративного портала


The corporate portal has a frontend to provide a range of documents processing including batch and individual. Services cover more than 20 types of documents with unique non-linear design algorithms based on parameters and the multi-level classification managed by the backend.

разработка корпоративного портала

Another part of the portal was a news section including news, publications, and activity descriptions. The entire contents of the section has numerous bilateral bindings to the list of services. Thus, the content of the news section is displayed in the description of services using unique sorting, and themed services are presented in the description of news.

This structure feature turned the development into a very exciting case taking into account the use of Bitrix.

разработка корпоративного портала


The internal part should generate order data as well as support the news section, and paperwork algorithms. In addition, personal data was collected for subsequent mailings.

разработка корпоративного портала


From our side five developers were involved in the project including two Bitrix developers, a designer, a layout designer, and a JS programmer. Testing was outsourced. The total implementation time was 120 calendar days.

Additional tasks

In addition, a video instruction for the customer’s employees about using the software as well as a special event presentation of a new website were developed.


🚍 Planner, Designer, Frontend developers, JS-developer, Backend developers, Tester, Content Manager, PM.

Technology stack

Backend – ModX,
Frontend – SASS, jQuery, partially used Foundation.

Software stack

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, xnConvert, Sublime Text, Git, Git Kraken, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Google Office

Musical accompaniment

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Work on the project continues.
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