Corporate Site for Steel Profile Rolling Mill


The customer is Dimitrovgrad Light Steel Profile Plant. The main activity of the plant is the production of a variety of corrugated sheeting made of galvanized steel. It is used thin sheet galvanized steel for the cold forming according to the GOST 14918-80 a thickness class is P1 that is produced by the Severstal enterprise.

A separate line of business is a production of fast erection buildings including hangars, warehouses and agricultural facilities. There is a production of overflow systems, thermoprofiles, profiled flooring, and sandwich panels.


In connection to entering new markets, the customer needed a modern website representing the company, its products as well as management and staff.
The website was supposed to provide convenient, clear project management by employees, as well as exchange of order data with an internal CRM-system.


The work began with the development of an analytical report of the competitive environment for starting a new project. We appreciated the positive and negative decisions of both direct competitors and similar-topic websites.

Based on the data obtained a planning was carried out, which includes a definition of technologies used and structure of the website taking into account a strategy of search engine promotion.

Wireframes of sections and main pages of the website as well as website patterns were developed. Then we developed a design and presented it to the customer as a partially interactive prototype. A logo for the company was developed as a part of this stage.

After approving of the design, it was made the website assembling, testing, entering of data and materials. Then the website was transferred to the customer. An integration with the internal CRM system where the orders data are transferred was implemented. We provided a ready-made solution with comprehensive documentation to the customer.


🚍 Project manager, designer, frontend developer, backend programmer, tester, content manager, proofreader.

Technology stack

Laravel, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, SAAS, AJAX.


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