What is Cucumber?

Cucumber is a tool that supports Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) – a software development process that aims to enhance software quality and reduce maintenance costs.

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It’s simple. Whether open source or commercial, our collaboration tools will boost your engineering team’s performance by employing Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). And with our world-class training, take it to places it’s never been.

Cucumber Open

Validate executable specifications against your code on any modern development Stack. 40+ million open source downloads, the #1 tool for BDD.


Formerly HipTest: CucumberStudio is the leading collaboration platform for BDD – an easy-to-use tool to define ideas, test code, and learn in production from real-time insight.

Cucumber School

Develop the skills and confidence your team needs to make the most of BDD and Cucumber, with world-class training and online tutorials.

Strengthen your collaboration with Cucumber.

Define the feature files with all your stakeholders using Behavior-Driven Development (BDD). Automatically create documentation that’s up to date and easily shareable.