A terminal built on web technologies. Then edit ~/.config/Hyper/.hyper.js and add it to plugins. The background color/opacity of the text selection in terminal.

WebGL Renderer

The renderer is the piece of code that draws actual pixels on the screen based on the state of the terminal. The original Hyper renderer was based on the DOM. While that was a flexible approach thanks to CSS, it was also very slow.

Hyper 2 improved upon this by switching from hterm to xterm.js and using its canvas-based renderer. While that made Hyper 2 faster, for Hyper 3 we knew it was possible to deliver even faster performance by completely rewriting the renderer with WebGL. By fortunate coincidence, as we were still figuring things out, Daniel Imms (from xterm.js and VSCode fame), just returned from a “vacation” where he happened to be write a shiny new WebGL renderer.

We are aware of a few minor limitations with using this renderer (e.g selection is always black-and-white, and you can’t have more than 16 terminals visible simultaneously) but the performance benefits outweigh them. The new renderer is still work-in-progress, so you can expect further improvements in the near future.

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