What is Mapbox?

Mapbox is the location data platform for mobile and web applications. We provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any experience you create.

We’re changing the way people move around cities and explore our world. Through the apps Mapbox powers, we reach more than 600 million people each month.
Location is built into the fabric of our daily experiences. Whether you’re exploring a city with Lonely Planet, sharing with friends on Snapchat, seeing if it’s going to rain on, tracking breaking news on Bloomberg, or checking your ETA in Lyft — location is essential to every one of these applications, and they’re powered by Mapbox.

We craft beautiful maps and developer-friendly location data, APIs, and SDKs so that you’re free to focus on designing, building, and developing your application. Our open-source tools let analytics companies understand big geo data, drone companies publish flyovers, real estate sites visualize properties, satellite companies process cloud-free imagery, and insurance companies track assets.

Mapbox proudly embraces our open-source roots. We work in the open and release as much code as possible. We believe it’s the right thing for people, technology, and business.

What we value

Our roots

We started Mapbox because we believed data-driven decision-making required better tools. Ten years ago, the core team that started Mapbox was helping environmentalists monitor deforestation in Congo, aid workers assess wildlife in Somalia, and rescuers respond to floods in Pakistan. These organizations didn’t only need better tools to work with their data — where they were working the map was blank. They needed better data. We expanded our mission to not only make tools to work with data, but to map the world.

We believe data needs to be live and constantly updating. We first started working with open data communities, like OpenAddresses and OpenStreetMap, using these data sets as signal to help us update our maps. Today, our maps are made from the live anonymous sensor data we are collecting from hundreds of millions of users, open data communities, and data from commercial partners.

Our mission

Location is the coordinate system for everything, and our decentralized network of sensors transforms live data into the pulse of our planet — changing how everything moves and ultimately transforming how we live and understand our world.

We’re building the live location platform for a hyper-connected and automated future.

Our values

Our strategy informs what we do. Our values inform who we hire, reward, promote, and how we work as a team and with our customers.

‍Solve root problems. Understand the why. We do things because they make sense, not because “that’s how it’s done.” Success and impact depend on us solving problems at their core. Challenge conventional wisdom and rethink solutions.

‍Debate, decide, and commit. Be informed, get feedback, and challenge assumptions. Once a decision is made, commit and execute together.

‍JFDI (pronounced jedi). Commit, then act. We empower people and teams by providing context, autonomy, and responsibility. Great contributors own problems and execute. Great managers get work done by setting context, not by control.

‍Highly aligned, loosely coupled. Align teams around goals, establish accountability, and move quickly with autonomy. We scale through teams that work independently with clearly defined interfaces and trust.

‍Be scrappy and move fast. We are limited by time and money. Optimize for both. Use process to increase our speed and results — not for its own sake. Be ruthless with your and others’ time. Hire yourself out of a job.

‍Build with empathy. We do great work by understanding the success of our customers and developers, end users of their products, and each other. The most competitive products are accessible, inclusive, and avoid bias.

‍Collective IQ. We work as teams because individual perspectives are incomplete and individual input counts. A diversity of perspectives broaden the signal we can see, so listen actively to colleagues, customers, and surroundings.

‍Deliver results. We focus on outcomes, not just effort. Great things get done by bringing together creative, technically astute people in an environment for them to deliver.

‍Embrace unknowns. Be tough, because change is hard. Be courageous, because change is scary. Have vision, because change contains uncertainty.

‍Failure hurts. Grow from it. Don’t delay failure, protect others from it, or hide it. Address it by helping people respond to and reflect on failures. Understand root causes, take action, and grow.

‍Personal growth. Work so that there is no distinction between building, working, and learning. Work the hours that respect the opportunity in front of you. You get out what you put in.

‍Communicate with transparency. Share context on why decisions are made. Talk directly, honestly, and constructively. Surface problems, ask for help, and talk about what you need to be successful. Create room for honesty without retaliation.

‍Be respectful and humble. To everyone — always.