Milwaukee brand dealer online resource


Milwaukee is a trademark of power tools manufactured by an American company Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. The “BMT Service” trading company is a representative of this trademark in Russia.


Develop an online store for the sale of Milwaukee power tools in Russia. The website should strictly follow a style guide of the parent brand as well as be convenient for visitors, and ensure high conversion.


The online store is developed in the style of the Milwaukee brand. The website presents a wide range of power tools including perforators, drills, jackhammers, screwdrivers, wall groove-cutting machines, grinding and scalping machines, scissors, saws, jigsaws, milling cutters, radios, and much more.

Works performed

Website development, collaging, illustration processing, primary search engine optimization.


🚍 Project manager, designer, frontend developer, backend programmer, tester, content manager, proofreader.