Workload Orchestration Made Easy

A simple and flexible workload orchestrator to Deploy and manage containers and non-containerized applications across on-prem and clouds at scale.

Simple and Lightweight

Single 35MB binary that integrates into existing infrastructure. Easy to operate on-prem or in the cloud with minimal overhead.

Modernize Legacy Applications without Rewrite

Bring orchestration benefits to existing services. Achieve zero downtime deployments, improved resilience, higher resource utilization, and more without containerization.

Multi-Cloud with Ease

One single unified workflow for deploying to bare metal or cloud environments. Enable multi-cloud applications with ease.

Flexible Workload Support

Orchestrate applications of any type – not just containers. First class support for Docker, Windows, Java, VMs, and more.

Easy Federation at Scale

Single command for multi-region, multi-cloud federation. Deploy applications globally to any region using Nomad as a single unified control plane.

Native Integrations with Terraform, Consul, and Vault

Nomad integrates seamlessly with Terraform, Consul and Vault for provisioning, service networking, and secrets management.