What is Onsen UI?

Onsen UI helps you develop both hybrid and web apps. If developing hybrid apps, you can use it with the Cordova / PhoneGap command line, or with Monaca tools (CLI, Monaca IDE – cloud-based IDE for Cordova, Localkit – desktop GUI).

The fastest way to develop beautiful HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps

Experience streamlined development with zero-time setup, using the technologies you already know and love – JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Native look and feel with lots of ready-to-use components and automatic styling

A rich variety of UI components specially designed for mobile apps. Onsen UI provides tabs, side menu, Stack navigation and tons of other components such as lists and forms. They all have iOS and Android Material Design support, with automatic styling that will change the appearance of the app based on the platform. With Onsen UI you can truly support both Android and iOS with the same source code.

Performance optimized for mobile

Worried that PhoneGap / Cordova apps are slow? Fear not! All animations in Onsen UI have been tuned and optimized to perform well on a wide range of devices. We take great care to ensure that apps made using Onsen UI feel smooth even on lower end devices.

Easy to learn

Onsen UI is easy to learn while being a powerful tool to create complex mobile apps. We have lots of learning resources including official documentation, an interactive tutorial and a community forum where your questions get answered.

Onsen UI x Monaca

Onsen UI works great with Monaca. Monaca offers a powerful command-line tool and desktop app to simplify complicated tasks. You can also use the Monaca Debugger to test your apps on device, including live-reload to help speed up your development. And when you’re ready to release, Monaca builds your Onsen UI app in the cloud, ready to upload to the app stores.

official onsen.io

src stackshare.io/onsen-ui