What is Padrino?

Padrino is a Ruby framework built upon the excellent Sinatra Microframework. Padrino was created to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications while still adhering to the spirit that makes Sinatra great!


The Padrino code base has been kept simple and easy to understand, maintain and enhance. The generator for each new project creates a clean and compact directory structure keeping your code simple and well organized.

Padrino strives to adhere to the following basic principles: Tiny and fast. Clean and compact. Creative and concise. This framework can be used with ease for web development for a project of any size from your lightweight JSON web service to a large full-stack web application!


Building on our experience in developing web applications, we designed a framework that meets all the requirements for creating a top notch web application in a clean, concise and simple environment, with minimal deadline delays.


Padrino is ORM/ODM, JavaScript, testing, rendering, and mocking agnostic supporting the use of any number of available libraries.

Sinatra Core

Many people love the simplicity and expressiveness of Sinatra but quickly find themselves missing a great deal of functionality provided by other web frameworks such as Rails when building non-trivial applications.

Sinatra acts as a thin layer on top of Rack itself and the “micro”-framework is kept light introducing complexities only when required by the particular application.

Our goal with Padrino is to stay true to the core principles of Sinatra including a focus on simplicity and modularity.

Starting from this assumption, we have developed a different approach to a web development framework. We expand on Sinatra through the addition of standard libraries including helpers, components, and other functionality that are needed in a framework suitable for arbitrarily complex web applications.