Printing orders calculation system


The goal of the project is to develop a module for calculating the commercial cost of printing services within the specified circulation limits. The module should be a part of a global system for managing internal processes, which would provide the ability to calculate the commercial cost of services with public external access.

Completed work

Collection and analysis of data, planning, interface development, page layout, programming, assembly, testing, and debugging.


The system includes the following sections: “new calculation” – launch the order calculation algorithm, “balance” – financial information, “settings” – system configuration management, “orders” – management of placed orders, “calculations” – information and management of printing orders pre-estimates.

Main page

Printing orders calculation system

Displays the basic personal data, balance assessment, latest orders, and calculations. There is also a top block for displaying ads.

New calculation

Printing orders calculation system

A user needs to select the appropriate printing products and print type. You can use the tips for each heading with a name of the printing process type which you can find out about the current print circulations and scope. If a user is mistaken for example trying to print a circulation of leaflets in the amount of 500 copies by the screen printing the system will indicate a suitable calculation algorithm.


Printing orders calculation system


It was decided to focus on the printing methods because the same type of product is printed by different equipment depending on the circulation. This approach ensured a higher accuracy of the capacity load. The current capacity utilization is not taken into account in the calculations.


  • MVP: only product costing, internal users, there is no public frontend.
  • Adding a business cost calculation.
  • Adding external user access.

Calculation logic

The calculation module includes separate independent algorithms corresponding to the type of printing products and printing methods. Thus, the algorithm is bound to a printing machine. The algorithm for computing post-processing is the same for all types of products that also corresponds to the principle of binding of the calculations to the equipment.

User roles

  • Manager. User of the ordering party with access to the order cost and additional settings.
  • User. An external user with access only to the calculation of the order value.


P.S. We continue to develop the internal printing process control system; follow us on social networks.

Develop environment

  • Atlassian Jira.
  • Atlassian Confluence.
  • Atlassian Bitbucket.
  • JetBrains PhpStrom.
  • Image Processing Software.
  • Slack.
  • Telegram.

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