Showcase website of the


A manufacturer of stylized mirrors and shelving from restored platbands.


Develop a showcase website in the form of a product catalog without the possibility of ordering. The most important factors in the development were the download speed and quality of the code for the subsequent search promotion.

Russian Decor


Initially an analysis of the competitive environment including evaluating various solutions on websites of colleagues and competitors was performed. Then planning of the corporate website based on conclusions made in the report was carried out. The technology stack and hosting were selected based on the expected volume of information and workload. Then the prototype and design of main pages, and then the frontend of the project and backend were developed. Website assembly, data input, and testing were carried out.

The project was launched in 2018 and is still a stable source of orders.


🚍 Planner, Designer, Frontend developers, JS-developer, Backend developers, Tester, Content Manager, PM.

Technology stack

Backend – ModX,
Frontend – SASS, jQuery, partially used Foundation.

Software stack

Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, xnConvert, Sublime Text, Git, Git Kraken, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Google Office


Musical accompaniment

♬ A Cool New Way by Joe Satriani

♬ Same Sun Shines by Vinnie Moore

♬ For the Love of God by Steve Vai

♬ A Love Eternal by Joe Satriani

♬ Hypnagogia by Buckethead

♬ Jewel by Marty Friedman

♬ Same Sun Shines by Vinnie Moore

♬ Desert Rose by Eric Johnson

♬ Trail of Tears – Live by Eric Johnson

♬ Corazon De Santiago by Marty Friedman

♬ Nothing Is Lost by Marco Sfogli

♬ Exit 209 by Buckethead