What is SignalFx?

We provide operational intelligence for today’s elastic architectures through monitoring specifically designed for microservices and containers with: powerful and proactive alerting, metrics aggregation, visualization into time series data.

SignalFx enables real-time cloud monitoring and observability for infrastructure, microservices, and applications by collecting and analyzing metrics and traces across every component in your cloud environment. Built on a massively-scalable streaming architecture, SignalFx applies advanced analytics and data science-directed troubleshooting to let operators find the root cause of issues in seconds. SignalFx was acquired by Splunk in October 2019. With Splunk’s market-leading log analytics technology, SignalFx and Splunk provide the industry’s first enterprise-grade, end-to-end observability platform.

How SignalFx solves real business problems

Our customers come in all sizes, from all industries, and all regions of the globe. They use different tools, collect different data, and create value in different ways, but they all share a common goal – to provide the best products, services, and experiences for their own customers. See why they choose SignalFx.