What is Susy?

It is a lightweight grid-layout engine for Sass, designed to simplify and clarify responsive grid layouts without ever getting in your way. You can use Susy with floats, Flexbox, tables, or any other CSS technique. You’re the expert, we’re just here to make your job easier.

Susy was a responsive layout engine for Sass, before Flexbox and CSS grid were available. Susy is now deprecated, and will not receive updates. If you need help moving off Susy, or learning the latest in web layout, we offer training and consulting to help bring you up-to-date.

Lightweight & Flexible

Not everyone can play with the latest specs, and there will always be edge-cases that require manual grid-math. Susy3 is trimmed down to the most basic features: a lightweight library of functions that can be used along with float, or Flexbox or any other CSS – anywhere, any time.