Website of the construction holding


The “ASTIR” Construction Holding has been in the Moscow building industry business since 1997. The core activities include construction, engineering, design. The holding is one of the leading organizations in the field of facade renovation.

Works performed

In the course of project implementation the website was developed, photo shoots of the objects were produced, illustrations were processed. In addition, a primary search engine optimization was performed.

construction holding Astir


It was required to develop a new website for the construction holding company to demonstrate a workload and quality of work performed. The website should look serious, restraint and informative. All the obtained data should be transmitted to the corporate CRM system.


We have prepared an analytical review of the competitive environment for the customer that is based on a study of examples domestic and foreign websites of construction companies. The review included conclusions on the most successful solutions of competitors’ websites.

construction holding Astir

Through the project four graphic concepts were developed. The customer settled on the idea of using a background with small stripes, a restrained gray color in combination with a white background of the main container after studying all the concepts presented. This should favorably shade illustrations of the work performed with additional saturation.

We focused on the font when designing the appearance of the works catalog in order to make the information presented as easy to read as possible.

Based on the data obtained, the planning and prototyping of the website was performed. Then a design was developed, page layout, assembly, and data input were produced.


🚍 Project team: panner, designer, layout maker, programmer, content manager, tester.

Technology Stack: ModX


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