What is TimescaleDB?

TimescaleDB: An open-source database built for analyzing time-series data with the power and convenience of SQL — on premise, at the edge, or in the cloud.

Supercharged PostgreSQL

Rely on the same PostgreSQL you know and love, with full SQL, rock-solid reliability, and a massive ecosystem.

Accelerated performance

Achieve 10-100x faster queries than PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, and MongoDB. Native optimizations for time-series.

Massive scale

Write millions of data points per second. Store 100s of terabytes or petabytes. Don’t worry about cardinality.

Relational & time series, together

Simplify your Stack, ask more complex questions, and build more powerful applications.

Worry-free operations

Let us run TimescaleDB for you, fully managed on AWS, Azure, or GCP in 75+ regions. Access top-rated support.

Lower costs

Spend LESS with 94 – 97% compression rates from best-in-class algorithms and other performance improvements.

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