What is Valhalla?

Valhalla is Mapzen’s open-source routing service for client-side routing applications and hosted solutions. If you are looking to avoid the challenge of data creation and database administration, you can get high-quality routes and navigational guidance with clear directions through a simple API call.

Let your app find its way

Valhalla is a navigation tool for the world. Add routing to your app and let your users Go anywhere on the planet, whether by foot, bike, car, bus, train, or ferry.

Valhalla makes it easy to let navigation find its way into your apps, based on open, improvable road network data from OpenStreetMap and public transit feeds from Transitland. Whether your users need multiple locations, points along a route, custom routing options, or multimodal routing, our API is ready to help.


Flexible routes and options

Valhalla allows you to customize routes on the fly by embedding road characteristics and connectivity information into its tiled dataset. Your applications can use a wide variety of travel modes, with dynamic costing options.

Bicycle type and cycling speed can be changed, along with user preferences for paved roads, dirt paths and hills. Multimodal routes also have a rich set of options, including setting preferences for bus, rail, transfers, and walking distance. More information on route types and options is available within the API documentation.

Narrative guidance

Valhalla returns meaningful guidance and narrative directions to assist users during their trip. No more repeated instruction to “continue on [slight variant of road name]” — the narrative is succinct, easy to read, and useful. If your app is capable of voice guidance, audio-friendly prompts are provided in the results. All these thoughtful features lead to a happier and shorter trip.