Why you should stop using Google Analytics on your website

Google, the world’s largest ad-tech company, has direct access to user data and browsing information from a large part of the web traffic. Their data collection can track an individual from multiple angles to create the best possible behavioral profile.

Mobile App Development: Flutter Setting The Trend In 2020

The launch of Flutter came a few years ago, but this incredible toolkit for developing different platforms by Google has come a long way since then. This robust and functional mobile user interface framework that helps develop Android and iOS applications

4 Ways to Conditionally Render in React

Say you’re writing an application for managing technical devices in a physical storage area. You can move one of them to the inventory only when isManager is true. Otherwise, a normal user of the app can ask for support. Suppose you show a button to allow this activity to the correct user:

9 Popular GitHub Repos For Every Web Developer

GitHub is the one-stop-shop for everything related to (web) development these days. Frameworks, demos, collections of all sorts — there’s probably nothing you cannot find on GitHub.

Chrome deploys deep-linking tech in latest browser build

Chrome has implemented a browser capability in Chrome called ScrollToTextFragment that enables deep links to web documents, but it has done so despite unresolved privacy concerns and lack of support from other browser makers.

On-demand Reactivity in Vue 3

Apart from admirable performance improvements, the recently released Vue 3 also brought several new features. Arguably the most important introduction is the Composition API.

Dealing With Files in REST API

We often come across scenarios where we need to deal with files as a part of the payload of an HTTP request or as a response. Though it is easy to do it manually in postman or swagger, it is a challenge when it comes to automation.

Complete Guide On Creating Browser Compatible HTML And CSS

How many times have you encountered a situation where a particular web-page or complete website renders differently on different browsers? The situation becomes more complicated when the test is performed on browsers across different platforms & devices