Corporate website of CJSC Stroytransgaz


Our company won the development of the Stroytransgaz CJSC corporate website through a competitive tender process. Several leading Russian web agencies were our competitors in the tender.

We participated in the project together with the Mikhailov & Partners communication company, Kerry Sanders was led the project from the ordering party, Evgeny Kontsevich was supervised our work.

It was necessary to demonstrate the technological and methodological maturity as well as a deep understanding of processes, the ability to work within a team of professionals under the leadership of the American top manager.



Develop a multilingual flexible corporate website corresponding to the world standards. It was also necessary to take into account the specifics of internal business processes on the .NET platform, and implement integration with customer information resources.


We used flexible methodologies in particular Scrum. It allowed adapting to the task setting corrections as a result of testing intermediate results by the customer, and general updating of the customer’s vision of its corporate website.


Performed work

Analytics and planning

The work on the website creation began with an analysis of the websites of customer’s direct competitors in Russia and abroad, as well as various other successful websites and individual solutions. Results of this work were presented to the customer in the form of an analytical report, which also includes conclusions and our recommendations.


Website design development

We have developed several graphical concepts of the frontend, which we show to the customer as soon as possible. The customer immediately approved one of the concepts and uses it to this day.

A major feature of the website is to build the image of our customer as a company implementing Gazprom projects. Therefore, the website focuses on the presentation of Stroytransgaz projects. To this end, we have developed an interactive diagram of customer projects located on the main page of the website. There is a link to the page of the corresponding type of projects from the detailed description of each project.

Create layout frontend and backend development

The backend of the website was developed based on the technical specifications, results of planning, and development of the frontend as well as integration requirements. Traditionally, for our work, the website passed the Google PageSpeed Insight test that testifies to the quality of our work.

Technology stack

Backend, Frontend – ASP.Net, jQuery.

Software stack

Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator, xnConvert, Sublime Text, Git, Git Kraken, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, Google Office


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